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Sample Recommendation 2

Mr. xxxx under my tutelage for the past three years being a Professor, I have taught him Electromechanics - II, Electromechanics - III, Power Electronics, and also supervised his laboratory work in Power Electronics Lab during his study.

He is diligent & adept at various fields. He maintains amicable relations, which allows him to lead a team in an efficient way. He has very effective communication skills. I identify him as an astute person with self-confidence. He is very effective having dedication and commitment towards the work. He has enormous analization & creative skills.

I rank him among top 5% in the class strength of 60 students. Because of all the above points in him, I strongly recommend him for higher studies at your esteemed university. I even recommend his name for every possible financial assistance from your University, which I believe he deserves.

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