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Sample Recommendation 8

I understand Mr. xxxx has cited my name with his application for Graduate study at your university. I am pleased to make the following observations about him. I have taught him the courses Electro Magnetic Fields, Operating System & Unix, Micro Processor & its Applications and Computer Methods in Power Systems during this four years study. Since the very beginning he has shown a very good interest in learning the subject. He has excellent practical skills. He participated actively in the class and gave seminar lectures on various topics. His oratory skills are excellent. I have found Mr.xxxx to be attentive and industrious. He showed a great deal of interest in widening the horizon of his knowledge by close interaction with the faculty and active involvement and participation in various extra curricular and departmental activities. I rank him among top 2% in his class of 60 students, considering his quest for knowledge, research attitude and intellectual capabilities. I strongly recommend him for admission to your graduate school with adequate financial assistance. I am of the view that Mr.xxxx will be worthy student at your graduate school. I wish him all the best of luck and bright and prosperous career ahead.

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